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We Need to Stop this Madness! We Need to Stop it Now! There is no time to waste. At this point, we should be doing what the French are and putting on Yellow Vests. This is not about health! In the UK, the vaccines already contain Luciferase & nano technology (patent #060606). The only way to end it is by organizing! WHY ORGANIZING? Lawsuits take time. We have NO Time Left and if you’ve been paying attention, then you know everything they’ve been doing is against the Law; from the Nuremberg Code, The US Constitution, The Civil Rights Code, as well as Federal Law: 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3, which declares that States may not mandate EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) products and private entities do so at the peril of violating federal law. This includes facemasks, PCR Tests, and even Covid-19 gene-altering shots (which are not FDA approved as they’d like us to believe they are.) Biden’s historic speech on Sept. 9th shows, we have no choice but to fight against the upcoming vaccine passports and digital currency. We have been given no option. This is why we need to organize! The working class people of other countries were successful in ending forced vaccines from Denmark, Russia, and even Afghanistan. We can, too.

Remember to ORGANIZE with EVERYONE! Even the Vaccinated! They may still be against the Vaccine Passport, digital currency, and NWO on principle. Others have felt coerced into taking the vax, but are against to 8 month Boosters which contains luciferase and nanochips.

What to Do!

1). Businesses need to organize with other businesses. If You don’t, You will Go Out of Business!! In   Italy, 80,000 restaurants signed a pledge to fully open without masks & other restrictions. Do the same. They can’t fine every business! Even Better Stop Paying Your Taxes! Tell your LOCAL Officials that: Restrictions=No Taxes!

2). If you’re a Unionized Worker, you need to create a caucus among the union membership to kick your current union leaders out, because obviously  the Union is not representing you! In fact, Unions haven’t represented workers since the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act was passed.

To do this: Workers need to be organized in each place of business.

  • Healthcare workers must be organized in each hospital
  • Transit workers need to be organized
  • Fire Depts., Police Depts, Other City, State, and Federal Workers; including the Post Office
  •  Private Companies from Home Depot to UPS.

     We are right now in the early stages of organizing . For the moment, please call 201-426-7830 or email us at: Please include your name, email, phone number, and (if you work) where you work in order to be added to our organizing list.

We’ll be posting upcoming rallies. If you’re group or place of business is hosting a rally, Please contact us to put your rally up on this page.

We’ll also host weekly events & meetings such as educational on how to file religious exemptions. And no you don’t need to belong to a church or synagogue to receive one. You can even be a Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist. If interested, please contact us by phone for time & location.

City Hall in Newark, NJ Sept. 8th FireFighter Rally!

Inspiration to the Country & the World!!

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