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The Following Stores Below are requiring Proof of Vaccination. Send an angry email or letter to their Corporate Offices.

Target Whole Foods Sprouts Smart & Final Trader Joe’s

Ralph’s Menard’s Big 5 Verizon Costco

Sam’s Club Safeway Stater Brothers 24 Hour Fitness Bank of America

Wells Fargo Chase Bank CVS Walgreen’s Wal-Mart Rite-Aid Barnes & Noble

Petition to NJ Governor Philip Murphy

Governor Murphy Announced Indoor Mask Requirement for Beginning of 2021-2022 School Year. … The Governor signed Executive Order (EO) 251, which will mandate masking in the indoor premises of all public, private, and parochial preschool, elementary, and secondary school buildings, with limited exceptions. Please see bill at: https://nj.gov/infobank/eo/056murphy/pdf/EO-251.pdf

Write or email a letter to Phil Murphy and your local Assemblymen & State Senators. Tell them them enough is enough! Masks are unhealthy!

Address: Office of the Governor 225 W State St, Trenton, NJ 08625

Petition to Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Union City Mayor Brian Stack, North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.

Each of these mayors have signed executive orders to reintroduce indoor mask mandates. Please write a letter to the mayor of your town telling enough is enough!

Sample Letter 1

Dear Governor Murphy,

Please reconsider your Executive Order No.251, requiring students to wear face masks in school. Requiring students to wear face masks is not needed and in fact may be very harmful. Consider the following:

  1. Children don’t give or get covid.1
  2. Masks are not a protection against the spread of viral infections 2 *There has been widespread mask usage over the course of the covid panic, now for more than a year.  If this has not lessened the severity of the problem by now, it’s not going to.3
  3. Masks are unhealthy for all, especially for children.4, 5

The justification for this order; the supposed ‘uptick’ in Covid positive cases; is invalid, as has been the use of the metric of ‘cases’ since the supposed emergency began.  Cases traditionally has meant actual sick people; in the covid hysteria the word has been used to denote anyone with a positive covid test.  As the inventor of the PCR test himself, Dr. Kary Mullis, stated, the PCR test should not be used to diagnose illness.

1 https://amp.statesman.com/amp/113718780

2 https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/wp-content/uploads/masks-dont-work-denis-rancourt-april-2020.pdf3 https://dossier.substack.com/p/everyone-is-already-wearing-a-mask

4 https://www.technocracy.news/blaylock-face-masks-pose-serious-risks-to-the-healthy/

5 https://www.globalresearch.ca/wearing-the-face-mask-who-is-putting-our-children-at-risk-sars-cov-2-or-the-actions-of-our-governments/5723961



Your Name

Sample Letter 2

Dear Governor Murphy,

Shame! Shame! Shame on you! While countries around the world from China to Austria and Italy have banned schools from forcing children to wear face masks, why have you mandated Executive Order No.251; requiring schoolchildren to wear the face mask once again?

The incident of “Covid-19” among children is so low, it is nearly 0. Considering the children cannot get or give “Covid-19”, so there’s no reason to have mandated[1]

Pick up a box of surgical masks, it clearly reads: “This product will not provide any protection against Covid-19 or other viruses or contaminants.” In fact, studies show only specially designed biohazard suits provide protection, surgical & cloth masks do not.[2] Even N95 masks allow anything below 0.3 microns to enter.[3] Viruses are measured at 0.125 microns or less.[4]

Not only do masks not protect, but they are unhealthy posing both physical and developmental harm to children.

Masks can physically cause and some children have already reported: 1) Headaches and light-headedness due to oxygen deprivation; 2) Permanent brain & neurological damage also due to oxygen deprivation[5]; 3) Bacterial & fungal pneumonia along with urinary tract infections due to cloth masks trapping moisture; fostering the growth of germs[6]; 4) Kidney infections & disease when the lungs are forced to reabsorb toxins that then need to be excreted through the kidneys;[7] 5) Lung damage & cancer from the inhalation of toxic, synthetic microfibers[8]; especially in blue & white surgical masks, which contain PTFE, similar to Teflon, a cancer-causing agent;[9]6) Strokes, seizures, respiratory failure caused by acidosis due to an imbalance in the oxygen/carbon exchange.[10]

Masks can also cause Psychological & Development Impairment

The mask and anti-social distancing can impair social development and cause severe long-term psychological damage. In young children, language is learned by watching adults speak and imitating their facial movements. Moreover, children learn important social cues. Children need to see parents, teachers, and other adults smiling. It creates a feeling of acceptance and joy.[11] The same is true of being close to other children and adults. A child needs to feel loved and accepted. Being pushed away is a sign of rejection; causing life-long trauma.

Masks Create a 2-tier System leading to Bully and Shaming

Children who cannot wear masks may endure bullying and shaming from other children, other parents, and school officials. For asthmatic children, the dangers can be life-threatening as they may feel coerced into wearing a mask to avoid shaming and bullying.

As governor your position is to do what is in the best interest of its constituents not the makers of masks. Remove the mask mandates now!



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