Care about the lockdown madness and want to help organize locally to restore our livlihoods?

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us by using the contact form below, or send a message using the form. Or send us a direct email!

Thanks for taking the time!

Together we can END THIS LOCKDOWN, prevent FUTURE lockdowns, and STOP any forced vaccinations and RFID chipping from ever happening here in the NY/NJ region!


Stop the Lockdown
2828 JFK Blvd
Box 425
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Email: stopthelockdown at protonmail dot com

Phone: (201) 426-7830



Money is desperately needed whether to pay for flyers, materials for outreach, blow horns, legal fees, etc… If you’re an employee about to lose your job, a business owner whose business is being destroyed due to the mandates, or just a concerned individual or parent worried about the potentially harmful effects of the gene-altering Covid injection on you or your children, please consider donating generously. Ask yourself, how much is your life or business worth? Feel free to contact us using above form so we can direct your donations to the right place.

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