#ExposeWarpSpeed #ExposeBillGates

EXPOSE and SHARE with others ASAP!!! Do a search yourself on the CDC’s OWN database of vaccine adverse events: https://tinyurl.com/MurderByVaccine Choose “Access WONDER data” Click on “I Agree” button for database disclaimer Click on “VAERS Data Search” button Organize table layout: Group Results By —> Event Category and then by VAERS ID Optional Measures —>Continue reading “#ExposeWarpSpeed #ExposeBillGates”

Can’t Pay The Rent?

Can’t feed your kids?Afraid of forced vaccination? Never in history has quarantine been called to isolate the healthy!! According to Dr. Fauci himself, “Covid-19 may be more akin to..seasonal influenza. ” Yet, we have never had a lockdown for flu! Covid-19 didn’t cause the lockdown! Covid-19 is just another seasonal flu. Death rates prove this!Continue reading “Can’t Pay The Rent?”