The Background

Covid-19 did not create the lockdown. The economic crisis created the lockdown. Covid-19 was a pretext to declare martial law and divert attention from the economic crisis and the financial institutions that created it; i.e. the bankers. Economists knew for a long time the economy was going to crash. Since September of 2019, the Federal government was in one way or other trying to stop the inevitable, which finally happened on March 12, 2020 dubbed Black Thursday. On that day the stock market began sinking. By March 15, 2020 dubbed Bloody Monday, the stock market dropped by 3,000 points! The last time the economy crashed in the same way was in 1929, which ushered in the Great Depression 1. Over 25% of the population lost their jobs during GD1. 48 million Americans lost their jobs in March 2020. Jobs that are never going to come back. It is estimated over 40% of the population will be unemployed in the next few years. Economists are calling this Great Depression 2. It is not a coincidence that the proposal to institute a nationwide curfew took place on Black Thursday, March 12th and that shortly later a “soft-version” of martial law was instituted i.e. lockdown and social distancing. In fact, during the 1893 Financial Panic the US government similarly declared martial law. Supposedly it was to contain a non-existent smallpox pandemic in large cities. Yes, smallpox existed, but it’s incredibly low fatality rate at that time (0.01%) same as the flu today was not the reason behind the lockdown. It was used only as an excuse to Unconstitutionally declare martial law in order to stop hungry, unemployed Americans from organizing and PROTESTING!

Covid-19 Over-Reporting

It is now well-documented that death rates of Covid-19 have been deliberately overinflated. An independent audit forced the Italian government to admit, 96.3% of all deaths attributed to Covid-19 had actually died of natural causes; whether cancer, congestive heart failure, and/or other ailments common to elderly people. In other words the Italian government admitted to falsifying the death records of over 25,000 people! In the US, hospitals are granted an extra $13,000 per person by Medicare if their death is listed as being caused by Covid-19 and given an additional $39,000 if they were intubated before their deaths. Currently there are numerous lawsuit suits such as in Washington State . If this were a true epidemic, records would not need to be falsified. Second, in a true epidemic, a pathogen would have been isolated in order to be able to treat and test for it. The Covid-19 has not been isolated. The PCR test therefore is fraudulent, which is why the Appeals Court of Portugal made its use for testing Covid-19 illegal . In other words those who have reported as dying of covid-19 could have died from this year’s coronavirus strain, the flu, or chemicals from air pollution causing respiratory distress.

Masks, Social Distancing, Forced Vaccinations, Forced Quarantines, Digital Passports & Currencies

Given the longstanding evidence, one must question the official narrative. If for no other reason — than for the blatant inconsistencies involved. For example, never in history has a quarantine involved isolating healthy people! It has always been about isolating the sick! Equally, face masks and “social distancing” (ie forced isolation) have never been used. The assumption that bandanas and even surgical masks help fight the spread of disease is not grounded on any scientific evidence.
Surgical masks allow dust and pollen less than .03 microns to infiltrate: viruses are considerably smaller than dust or pollen. Wearing face covers are actually unhealthy. It is self-evident that wearing a mask to enter grocery stores, places of business, and even hospitals is to train people to accept the forced vaccines and COVID which doesn’t stand for coronavirus disease, but actually (certificate of Vaccination ID). Just like the mask, you won’t be able to enter grocery stores, places of business, or hospitals without being able to show you COVID, which maybe a passport at first, but later will be a microchip containing your digital currency as a means to to further control the population.

Purpose of Lockdown

The purpose of Covid-19 is to divert attention to Great Depression 2. The lockdown has a two-fold purpose: 1) To divert the public’s attention while big mega corporations like Walmart and Amazon force small farms and businesses into bankruptcy, thereby creating super monopolies, which will also have the power to control the population by controlling the world’s food supply and 2) To prevent the working class from organizing and protesting, as economic conditions worsen — as people did in earlier financial panics; i.e. 1893, 1907, 1914, and 1929. A fake pandemic allows the Elites to institute martial law and get populations to surrender their human rights in a way naked force could not.

Government officials are already discussing food shortages and a second wave of Covid. How can they foresee this? Are they psychic? No! They are allowing food to rot in the fields and confiscating family farms in order to create shortages. Same as they did in 1893 and 1929 to make the population go frantic and subdue them. In fact, 3 to 9 million people STARVED TO DEATH during the Great Depression 1! During the Panic of 1893,as people affected by the smallpox lockdown began to question the existence of a pandemic, the US government decided to create a real wave, which they called a second wave by instituting a MASSIVE forced vaccinations program, contact tracing, and forced removal of so-called infected people. Children were used as PAWNS to divert attention from the fact the government was anxious to subdue, detain and murder political activists and union organizers.

The Solution

In 1894, martial law and other draconian measures were repealed. But only after mass organization and opposition from MANY DIVERSE GROUPS from small businesses and farmers to socialists, anarchists, and labor leaders. 1894 in fact marked a positive turning point for labor. Similarly there was a turning point in the 1929 Great Depression 1 during the mid-1930’s. After an inability to organize for years, unemployed hungry workers finally were able to do so and produce the New Deal, which provided most of the rights we take for granted today, such as the abolition of child labor, introduction of the 40 hour work week, Social security, unemployment insurance, clean water, free public education, etc.

Right now maybe you’re thinking, you’re the only person in your neighborhood that is against the Lockdown or the RFID chip. That maybe true. But it was also true in 1893, 1907, 1929, too until those retrospective movements grew. The Ruling Elite since 9/11 have passed many unconstitutional bills and now plan to vote in more repressive, unconstitutional measures to create a New World Order. It is for us to organize like those before us and say, “No we will not consent!”

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