Fight for Liberty! Together We Can Win!

Even if you’ve been vaccinated, keep in mind the Vax Passport requires you to take boosters yearly!

Parents: The Microchip is Coming Soon to a School Near You!
If we lose on the question of vaccines, we will completely lose the right to sovereignty over our own bodies! If we’re not even in control of our own bodies, then there is no such thing as freedom.

Don’t be a Vax Statistic!

Latest CDC VAERS Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths: 23, 149 as of 1/28/22
Latest CDC VAERS Covid-19 Vaccine Injury: Nearly 2 million!!!1
Harvard Study Showed Less than 1% of all adverse are reported to VAERS.2

1For latest statistics go to:

2 See:

How to Organize Effectively Against the Vax & Other Lockdown Measures1

The best place to organize is at your job or school!!!

For Employees & Students:

  • File Medical Exemptions, if applicable.
  • File Religious Exemptions with your employer, schools, or university.
  • If denied a religious exemption, appeal the decision.
  • Organize with Fellow Workers, Parents, or Students
  • If a group of Parents recall your school board and replace them.
  • If a group of parents or students send a letter to the Dean.
  • If a group of workers, send a letter to your employer.
  • If a member of a Union, send an official letter to your union delegates to represent you.
  • If your union refuses to represent you, fire them and hold new elections among yourselves.
  • Have a Wildcat Strike or Call for a Work Stoppage at your place of business
  • If they threaten to fire you, Occupy your work place. (All difficult strikes that were successful occupied their work stations.)
Remember Only You Can Say NO!

For Businesses:

  • Organize with other Businesses. They can’t send police or fine every business.
  • Refuse to pay any Fines! Refuse to Pay Taxes!
  • Create PMA (Private Membership Associations) Doing this allows you to reject the lockdown measures, such as mask or jab requirements. Please contact for more info on PMAs.

For Customers:

If a store or public entity like public transportation refuses to serve you in a store due to mask mandates:
  • File a Complaint with the corporate office or owner. A mandate is not a law. A business cannot discriminate against the religious and/or disabled. Moreover, according to the HIPAA Law you are not required to say what your medical condition is.
  • File a Medical Discrimination Complaint with the ADA
  • File a pro-se lawsuit
  • Boycott the Business and encourage others to do so.
  • Shop at Stores that Respect You

Disclaimer Clause: The contents of this website does not constitute legal advice, are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. You should seek legal advice or other professional advice in relations to any particular matters you or your organization may have.

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