#ExposeWarpSpeed #ExposeBillGates

EXPOSE and SHARE with others ASAP!!!

Do a search yourself on the CDC’s OWN database of vaccine adverse events:


Choose “Access WONDER data”

Click on “I Agree” button for database disclaimer

Click on “VAERS Data Search” button

Organize table layout:

Group Results By —> Event Category and then by VAERS ID

Optional Measures —> check off Adverse Event Description and Adverse Events After Prior Vaccinations

Vaccine Products —> Covid19 Vaccine

Event Category —> Death, Life Threatening, Permanent Disability (hold control to select multiple categories)

Recovered —> No, Unknown, Missing (again, hold control to select multiple categories)

Serious —> Yes

Then click on SEND button


******* NOTE: THIS DATA ONLY shows events REPORTED to CDC ***** we can assume that MANY more of these serious reactions are going UNreported and UNDERreported!!! *****

Please wake up others to this important data ASAP!

#911WakeUp #RiseUpNYC #RiseUpNYPD #RiseUpFDNY #RiseUpMilitary #RiseUpVeterans #BANforcedVaccination!

Say NO to Bill Gates! Say NO to forced vaccines and forced quarantine of HEALTHY PEOPLE!! Say NO to RFID chips! Say NO to lockdown BS!

Please connect with us for more info!

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